Check out the ever growing list of songs we do here. This list is not exhaustive but will give an idea of the wide variety of the material that we can provide.

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The Generators are a five piece covers band playing all those songs you love from the sixties onwards, featuring male and female lead vocals. Take Carl’s natural talent to mimic, and you’ve got Elton John, Cliff Richard, Joe Cocker and Jim Kerr in the room, whilst Shirley provides total contrast with her honeyed, silvery tones delivering Donna Summer through to Roberta Flack with equal confidence.

Carl is also the lead guitarist; add Kev on keyboards, harmonies from all three, and the Generators can replicate just about any hit! The rhythm section comprises John on bass, a product of the sixties London music scene (he’s enjoyed recreational activities with Marc Bolan!) and the experience of dance band veteran Ron on drums, as solid a backline as you could wish for.

With a lively stage presence, their own lighting rig and a genuine enjoyment for what they do, the Generators will generate a great party atmosphere whatever your occasion!

Customer Feedback

You did the club proud! When are you coming back?

Made my party come to life. Filled the dance floor all evening ,and what a variety of songs from Doo Wop to Dusty to ZZTop in three numbers...Amazing!...

Great atmosphere especially with the lights. Loved the mix quality. Sounded as good as it looked! Amazed at the diversity of their set. Kept the punters interested and in the pub all night!....